Can a PC Guy become a Mac Guy?

Posted on December 5, 2007

I can’t believe it myself, but I actually took the plunge the other night.

One of the things that had always appealed to me was the quality and design of Mac hardware.  Who can complain about a 5 hour battery life?  It’s a defining experience compared to the 1.5 hours I get off of my Dell.  Of course with the extended battery (and additional weight), I can boost that up to 3 hours, and it only costs me an extra $200 … but I digress.

Libby, a graphic genius by trade (and close friend) has always had a Mac.  I guess you could say, he was my inspiration for trying a Mac, or maybe it was our inability to share files.

Anyway, I had been watching Apple’s refurbished items website and thought I came across a pretty good deal.  My choice was between the 13″ MacBook and a 15″ MacBook Pro.  Of course, in addition to their display size, they had their differences…One had 4 GB RAM, and the other had 2 GB, but other than those, the specs were fairly similar.  I was easily convinced that the 15″ glossy display was the way to go with the MacBook Pro since if I wanted to upgrade to 4GB RAM at some point it would cost me about $150.  This seemed better since it also meant that I got a newer model, although refurbished.

I am curious to see how the MacBook performs with running Vista via Boot Camp.  I’ll need to also be able to run Windows based apps, so vmWare Fusion looks like another good addition that I will have to add.

So, can I make the switch to Mac and still like it?  We’ll have to wait and see…

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Matthew C. Kriner

There are quite a few laptop manufacturers that also recognize the need for higher RAM which is why there are some which offer upgrade worthy versions where you can increase the RAM to about 2 GB also. This is not only possible but also becoming increasingly common in the world of mini laptops.