Automating CloudFlare DNS updates with PowerShell

Using a home-based server to publish your website or other web-enabled services where a static IP address isn't available requires manual updates of DNS if your IP address were to change, or using a Dynamic IP service that automatically handles that update for you. Depending on your DNS host, you have several options to make that process as hands-free and automated as possible.

Hulu plans $10 price increase for Live TV subscribers

If you are a Hulu + Live TV customer and felt lucky that your provider hadn’t raised their prices as others have, well, that comes to an end next month. Hulu has announced that they will raise their price by ten dollars for subscribers of their Hulu + Live TV service effective December 18, 2020. […]

#WindowsUglySweater is back!

It's back again for the holiday season, and this year it shows-off everybody's favorite 8-bit drawing app - MS Paint! The previous years' releases included sweaters for Windows 95 and Windows XP, and although they were available this morning, they have since sold out. If the MS Paint version of the sweater isn't your jam, […]

T-Mobile TVision brings new options for streaming TV

The newest addition to the streaming TV offerings landscape comes from none other than mobile telephone service provider T-Mobile. TVision launched on November 1st to current T-Mobile subscribers and later in the month to its Sprint subscribers. They plan to expand to the general public sometime in 2021. Options TVision has a few different “flavors” […]

Upgrading my home lab from ESXi 6.0 to ESXi 6.7

I deployed my original ESXi 6.0 home lab server back in 2015, and although I've been putting off upgrading the hardware, ESXi 6.7 was released in April 2018 and I've finally gotten around to upgrading ESXi. I'm a Microsoft guy by trade, but wanted to build some experience around VMware so made the decision a […]

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