Issues Installing Windows Phone IsoStoreSpy on Windows 8

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Windows Phone IsoStoreSpy is a great utility for interrogating the Windows Phone Iso Store when developing applications.  It usually if you want to check to see if files are being created correctly, and identifying what is in a file on the phone’s local store.  IsoStoreSpy can pier into both the emulator and physical device.  It […]

Creating an Add-on for Outlook with Add-in Express

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Several months ago, I wrote a post on creating an add-on for Internet Explorer using Add-in Express. I’ll preface this with Office and Internet Explorer both provide the capabilities to build extensions or add-ins that enhance the product experience or add functionality that might be missing from the product.  The process of creating these snap-ins […]

Be More Fluid with the New Storage Center Command Set for PowerShell

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Windows PowerShell was designed as a scripting language to help IT administrators automate repetitive tasks that could otherwise be error-prone by nature and in return free administrators to focus on other activities of the IT Pro.  We began the voyage over two years ago in expanding the capabilities of automation with the Compellent Storage Center […]