MacBook Pro: First Impressions

Posted on December 11, 2007

I’ve had the MacBook Pro for one day now.  I got it up and running last night, installed VMware Fusion on it which allows me to run Vista inside the Mac OS. 

I have to say that between Boot Camp, which is part of Leopard, and VMware’s Fusion, I’m pretty impressed.  Boot Camp was very easy to setup and in a matter of about 30-45 minutes I had Vista running.  Now with Boot Camp, you either boot into the Mac OS or Windows Vista.

What does Fusion do?

Fusion can actually read your Boot Camp partition and can use that as a virtual machine.  So, you can run Vista inside a window while booted into the Mac OS, or you can run it through Boot Camp where Vista runs natively.

Another great feature of Fusion allows you to run any of the Windows applications installed in the virtual instance outside of the virtual machine window so it looks like it is actually running on the Mac OS desktop.  Very cool!

Resume after being asleep is very fast, and the system responds immediately including the machine machine that was running when the system went to sleep.

A lot of need things and many more to cover.  I’m very satisfied with my initial experience.

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