The Importance of Internet Connectivity

Posted on February 23, 2007

Over the past several weeks I realized just how important Internet connectivity was to me.

On Feburary 8, after returning from my trip to Seattle, I discovered that my Internet connection at home was broken.  It started out the alarm light on my DSL modem.

I called support and walked through the normal questions of “Did you power cycle the modem?”, or “Is the modem plugged in?”

After we got passed that we thought it was a modem problem, so they arranged to have a modem dropped off at my house the next day.  The same problem persisted.

To make a long story short, we wound up dedicated a single pair of wire for  phone jack and used that pair strictly for the modem from the NID. 

Now I have new hardware, they put me on a new network with speeds about 3MB. 

I was offline for 11 days.  It was a long 11 days since it took all of my sites and email server offline.  I was stuck with tethering my cell phone to my PC for Internet access.  The Bluetooth works as a great alternative, but can be pretty slow.

Connectivity is one of those things that you don’t realize that you miss unless it isn’t there.  It’s just like dial-tone…You pick up a phone and expect to hear dial-tone.  I open a browser, I expect it to go to my favorite home page.  Nonetheless, I am back online!

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