Panoramics from the 2010 Minnesota State Fair

Posted on September 8, 2010

I was having a little fun with my new phone, the Samsung Epic 4G and discovered that there is a panoramic mode built into the camera.  I experimented a little and think for a 5MP camera on a phone, that I actually got some pretty good results.  What do you think?

The Giant Slide, a State Fair staple

Ellie took her first ride on the Giant Slide this year.  The picture above was from Saturday, September 4, which happened to be a record setting day with over 234,000 people visiting the Minnesota State Fair.  You can tell by the amount of people that it was indeed packed.  KISS was the Grandstand act that night.  Need I say more?

The Main Gate

This panoramic was from Friday, September 3.  The weather was cloudy with chilly temperatures in the upper 50’s.  In addition to the chilly weather, winds were out of the north at about 20 MPH which made it barely tolerable.  Check back with me in January to validate that last statement.  I like this photo particularly because it captures the main gate to the Minnesota State Fair on Snelling Avenue.

Sunny day on the Midway

Finally, I had to throw in a shot of the Midway from Saturday.  I shot this normally in pretty bright sunlight and used a preset in Aperture to add a high-dynamic range effect.  If you’re not familiar, you can learn more about HDR here.

Ellie on her first merry-go-round

Not a panoramic, but definitely a great memory from this year’s Fair.  Ellie experienced her first merry-go-round.  She was a little nervous at first, but once it got going she was laughing and waving at the on-lookers as she went by (over and over again). 

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