Our Trip to the State Fair

Posted on September 3, 2007

Today wraps up the 2007 Minnesota State Fair.  Attending the State Fair was a tradition in my family as well as my wife’s.  We typically go two or three times every year to eat, browse the booths, and take in the sights, sounds, and smells that the Minnesota Great Get-Together has to offer.

Minnesota State Fair Water TowerThe Giant Slide with Space Needle  People walking into the Fair

We usually try to get there by 8 AM to beat the rush and ease our way into things. Ter likes to start the morning off with a foot-long hot dog with mustard, while I slowly get into the day with a more breakfast-like food of mini-donuts.

We stopped by for a visit at the WCCO Radio booth just in time for the Don Shelby Show with his trusty sidekick, Jeff McKinney (“The McSkinney”).  Don is famous in these parts as being a longtime anchor over at WCCO-TV, the CBS affiliate here in Minneapolis.  Jeff is famous for his perfected radio voice and trusted newsman.

Don Shelby Jeff McKinney

I usually listen to them on the drive home, but it was enjoyable to see them in person and watch their interactions.  It’s not as much about being a news radio show, as it seemed like you were watching a real conversation from the sidelines.

image I was looking at my past State Fair photos and realized that I actually had my picture with Don Shelby back at the 2005 State Fair.  He was a nice guy!

And what visit wouldn’t be complete without a visit to our very own Minnesota State Fair brick?  Yep, that’s right.  We have a brick.  We’re card-carrying members of the State Fair Foundation.  I guess not really card-carrying, maybe brick-bearing members instead.  Nonetheless, we own a personalized piece of Minnesota State Fair history.  Two visits a year definitely isn’t enough.

Our State Fair Brick

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