Be More Fluid with the New Storage Center Command Set for PowerShell

Posted on November 21, 2010

Windows PowerShell was designed as a scripting language to help IT administrators automate repetitive tasks that could otherwise be error-prone by nature and in return free administrators to focus on other activities of the IT Pro. 

We began the voyage over two years ago in expanding the capabilities of automation with the Compellent Storage Center by creating the Compellent Storage Center Command Set for Windows PowerShell.  As the first storage vendor on the PowerShell scene, we offered over 60 cmdlets in our 1.0 release to handle anything from user management and alerting, to storage provisioning and volume management for the Windows platform.

In just a short time from now, Compellent will be releasing its new version of the Storage Center Command Set 6.0.  This new version includes a number of features including new cmdlets that support the configuration and management of a new Storage Center feature called Live Volume, as well as Remote Instant Replay.  Along with new features, the syntax of many of the existing cmdlets have changed to simplify their use, provide naming consistency across cmdlets, as well as increase the availability of pipelining results from one cmdlet to another.  Watch for future posts where we’re cover some of the newness in more detail.

How is PowerShell and the Compellent Command Set being used in your environment?  Leave me a note – I’d love to hear your story!

Watch for more updates on Compellent’s Blog: Around the Block.

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I cannot find the SnapIn. times out on me. How do I install the Storage Center Command Set?

Justin Braun

Things have changed a bit since that post was published. The PowerShell Command Set installation is still available to customers (requires login) at However, we recently released what is the called the Enterprise Manager API (or EM-API for short). The API which is exposed as PowerShell is now part of Dell Storage Enterprise Manager 2015 R1.2. You can download that here:
EM-API is documented in the included help files with that install. I plan on doing a series of posts to introduce folks to the new EM-API when I get a little bit of free time.