Windows Live Spaces Launches

Posted on August 7, 2006

On August 1, Windows Live Spaces was launched.  This is the rebirth of the original MSN Spaces which provided users the ability to blog, or otherwise journal on just about anything. 

The interface was pretty simple in the first version allowing users to add new entries on the fly from their web browser.

In the newest release of Spaces, users have access to additional objects including “Gadgets”.  Spaces can take advantage of the Microsoft Gadget Framework which allows you to drag and drop code modules that perform a certain function like telling people what the weather is in my area, or maybe books that I have ready recently (by querying a web service from Amazon) and allowing them to read a synopsis of the book, and even purchasing it, or perhaps your XBOX gamertag.

Mike Torres, a Program Manager for Windows Live Spaces also co-wrote a book that has been released. “Share Your Story: Blogging with MSN Spaces” was published in March and includes tips and tricks on how to get started blogging with this platform.

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