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Polaroid Picture Plugin for Windows Live Writer

Found a very cool plugin in the Windows Live Gallery that lets you add Polaroid style pictures to blog posts within Windows Live Writer.  You can add drop shadows, captions, and even tilt the photo.  The plugin is available here.

Insert iTunes Currently Playing Plugin

Just finished up building another plugin for Windows Live Writer.  The "iTunes Currently Playing" plugin allows you to insert customizable text from whatever it is you are listening to at any given time in iTunes. Insert the currently playing song including track, artist, and album information via iTunes. Customizable output formatting allows you to create […]

WLW Plugin: Insert File Plugin

I just published my first version of an "Insert File" Plugin for Windows Live Writer. The new plugin allows you to Insert a file attachment into your blog entry. The plugin supports specifying the link caption as well as a link prefix. This is a perfect alternative to having to manually upload an attachment that […]

WLW Plugin Update: Amazon Book Lookup Plugin

You can find information about my original post topic here. I originally developed the plugin back in September 2006 and am just getting around to updating some of its functionality.  I have had several requests from users to update the plugin to include the Associate ID tag which gives credit to the associate when a […]

WLW Plugin: Book Info Lookup

I have created my second plugin for Windows Live Writer which is a tool that will do information lookups via the web service.  This is particularly useful if you want to post about a book you are writing.  The "insert" includes the ability to add the title, author, book image, and a link to […]

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