Windows Vista Speech Recognition

I was in Seattle this past week, and I got to thinking about the advancements in speech recognition.  As I was thinking, I started wondering if the speech recognition functionality was any good in Windows Vista.  So I decided to give it a try myself. Setting up is very easy.  […]

Rhapsody Pains

Tonight I was catching up on a few things and decided that I would try to update my Rhapsody client.  The good news is that there was actually an update, but it still didn’t fix any of my problems. Since upgrading to Windows Vista, starting Rhapsody became painful.  Every time […]

Windows Live Writer Beta 2 Now Available

Today, Windows Live Writer Beta 2 became available.  Beta 1 was released in Fall 2006, so this release was long awaited.  Major changes to the interface and APIs make this a definite “must download” for the serious blogger. Windows Live writer supports a number of different blogging engines including MSN […]

Authentication in the new RDP Client

You?ve probably noticed by now that Microsoft has integrated another security mechanism into the Remote Desktop client. This authentication mechanism is designed to authenticate against the intended computer before making the RDP connection.  By authenticating with the system prior to the actual RDP connection, it can verify that the system […]