Checking Partition Alignment with PowerShell

Here is an easy way to determine the partition alignment of any given disk on the local system or remotely. $OffsetKB = @{label=”Offset(KB)”;Expression={$_.StartingOffset/1024 -as [int]}} $SizeMB = @{label=”Size(MB)”;Expression={$_.Size/1MB -as [int]}}   Get-WmiObject -ComputerName "localhost" -Class "Win32_DiskPartition" | ft` SystemName, Name, DiskIndex, $SizeMB, $OffsetKB -AutoSize This will output table that looks […]


I was looking for a creative way to be able to share my USB hard drive that I had formatted for the Mac with my PC.  HFS Explorer, worked fine, but required me to extract files instead of being able to expose the volume as a drive letter.  I decided […]

Quick First Take on Windows 7

Just like about everybody else out there that is a “bleeding edge” technie like myself and doesn’t mind running some beta software downloaded the Windows 7 beta last week.  Needless to say, it definitely has a better look and feel to it than Windows Vista, and the performance even though […]