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Which is the Default IP in Windows 2008 R2 Multi-IP Config?

I ran into an interesting problem this weekend. I noticed that a lot of email was being returned as non-deliverable from my Exchange 2010 server. Many domains, specifically AOL and some of the major ISPs require that the domains they communicate have mail servers with reverse zone lookups, meaning that their name “” for example, […]

NTP Changes with Windows 2008 Domain Controllers

I noticed tonight that my domain controller’s clock had creeped ahead by about 15 minutes.  Inconsistent time, especially time that differs between servers, clients, and a domain controller can throw applications like Exchange, who depend upon Active Directory for information, for a loop.  In Windows 2008 R2 (and Windows 7), the /setsntp and /querysntp switches […]

Creating an SSL VPN with Windows Server 2008 R2

This week I was in Las Vegas for the Exchange Connections Conference.  Traveling usually isn’t too much of a hindrance anymore of the availability of a wireless Internet connection just about everywhere you go.  The only downfall is that most public places, particularly hotels, tend to provide Internet access but block non-HTTP traffic in a […]

Quick Hit: Installing Pre-Reqs for Exchange 2010

This can be a bit tricky … and you can either get enough exposure by doing it so many times that you just know what needs to be installed before you start, or you can get through a bunch of steps in the setup before it stops to tell you that the right things aren’t […]

Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) for Windows 7

Not that all my desktops and laptops are running Windows 7, I wanted to get the newest tools for administering my Windows environment, including Hyper-V. It took a little bit of searching, and a lot of the search results pointed to the beta tools or the RSAT for Windows Vista, neither of which will work […]

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