Which is the Default IP in Windows 2008 R2 Multi-IP Config?

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I ran into an interesting problem this weekend.  I noticed that a lot of email was being returned as non-deliverable from my Exchange 2010 server.  Many domains, specifically AOL and some of the major ISPs require that the domains they communicate have mail servers with reverse zone lookups, meaning that their name “mail.domain.com” for example, […]

NTP Changes with Windows 2008 Domain Controllers

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I noticed tonight that my domain controller’s clock had creeped ahead by about 15 minutes.  Inconsistent time, especially time that differs between servers, clients, and a domain controller can throw applications like Exchange, who depend upon Active Directory for information, for a loop.  In Windows 2008 R2 (and Windows 7), the /setsntp and /querysntp switches […]