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Start8 fixes the missing Start button dilemma

I was reading the article: “Will Microsoft restore Start Menu to Windows 8?” in the Tuesday edition of the USA Today newspaper.  This was an interesting headline that piqued my interest given the announcement that Microsoft Windows head, Steven Sinofsky was making a quick escape so close to the launch of Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface. You can read the article for yourself, but I’ll admit that I’m in the same camp of people who aren’t comfortable with the “justified” disappearance of the little button in the corner that got you to where you needed to go.  Tablet or no tablet, this is such a huge change, and for novices and pros alike, the learning curve is very sharp.  My home PC is running Windows 8, while my work laptops are still on Windows 7 due to some software incompatibilities.  There are lots of things that I like about Windows…

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