Checking Partition Alignment with PowerShell

Here is an easy way to determine the partition alignment of any given disk on the local system or remotely. $OffsetKB = @{label=”Offset(KB)”;Expression={$_.StartingOffset/1024 -as [int]}} $SizeMB = @{label=”Size(MB)”;Expression={$_.Size/1MB -as [int]}}   Get-WmiObject -ComputerName "localhost" -Class "Win32_DiskPartition" | ft` SystemName, Name, DiskIndex, $SizeMB, $OffsetKB -AutoSize This will output table that looks […]

The Case of the Missing Interview

Even though we had a number of technical difficulties, I really enjoyed the interview with Jon and Hal over at the Powerscripting Podcast.  I was excited to listen to the playback to the interview which should’ve been available a few days after we recorded the live show, but the interview […]