Virtualized Performance Part 2: Parallels

A couple of weeks ago I posted a story about virtualized performance where I did a comparison between VMware Fusion and Sun’s VirtualBox. I wanted to update that story to include some details on Windows performance when Parallels is added to the mix. Interestingly enough, Parallels really isn’t that much […]

Virtualized Performance: Fusion vs. VirtualBox

Been playing around a little bit with VMware’s Fusion 2.0 and Sun’s VirtualBox 2.1.2, two virtualization platforms that are available for Mac users. I will eventually expand this brief test to include Parallels 4.0, since it seems that Parallels and Fusion are the frontrunners when it comes to virtualization on […]

MacBook Pro: First Impressions

I’ve had the MacBook Pro for one day now.  I got it up and running last night, installed VMware Fusion on it which allows me to run Vista inside the Mac OS.  I have to say that between Boot Camp, which is part of Leopard, and VMware’s Fusion, I’m pretty […]