Compellent PSCS One-Liner Coding: Tip #2

With Compellent Storage Center 5, you have the ability to control whether an alert is generated for individual servers when connectivity changes. This means when your server reboots or you switch around cables (in your lab environment of course), these alerts are triggered and show up in the system alerts […]

Compellent PSCS One-Liner Coding: Tip #1

The Compellent Storage Center provides in-depth reporting, alerting, and monitoring as part of the platform.  It’s very important for Storage Administrators to monitor and review the alerts (informational or otherwise) that might be generated on their Storage Center. By design, alerts in the Storage Center will change the “stop-light” status […]

Is Your PowerShell Slow to Start?

I ran into a scenario last week where we had loaded the Compellent Storage Center Command Set for Windows PowerShell on a server.  When we launched the shell shortcut, the window opened but took a long time to get to a PowerShell command prompt. So, what causes slow start-up when […]

Using Excerpts in WordPress

I was working on making some adjustments to a new theme in WordPress tonight and was looking for a way to check to see if a excerpt had been specified for a particular post.  When I am creating posts with code snippets in them, I really don’t want all the […]

Perfectly Centered via CSS

One thing that has always been a struggle is how to perfectly center an object (for example, a DIV) both horizontally and vertically on a page.  The other night I was searching for a better way to do this via CSS instead of using nested tables.  I came across Dead […]