Author: Justin Braun

Is $1.65 billion a lot of money?

I didn’t realize how popular online video really was until I read today that Google was purchasing YouTube Inc. for $1.65 billion. YouTube seems to be another one of those companies that was going to wind up facing battles over copyright infringement, but before long they will have agreements in […]

Fantasy Hockey 2006

This October marks the fifth season (I believe) of my participation in a fantasy hockey league. Ever since the return of hockey to Minnesota in 2000, I have become more of a hockey fan.  Growing up, I remember periodically watching the Minnesota North Stars, but that was nothing compared to […]

It Finally Happened…

After a mere six years of dating, Terry and I were married on September 23.  This post is a bit late, but I wanted to be able to include at least one photo from the day. I have to say that the day was pretty exciting, and to have all […]

WLW Plugin: Book Info Lookup

I have created my second plugin for Windows Live Writer which is a tool that will do information lookups via the web service.  This is particularly useful if you want to post about a book you are writing.  The “insert” includes the ability to add the title, author, book […]