Volume mapping and LUN associations with Dell Storage PowerShell Command Set

I wrote this script sample for someone who was interested in managing their failover with Sync Live Volume, but wanted to get a high-level view of mappings including LUN information and WWNs ahead of time so they could compare that information across arrays and prevent conflicts as they worked out their disaster recovery plan.  Dell Storage Manager obviously has this information, but having it in a format in one place is convenient, and putting it in CSV format adds some flexibility.

This script uses the Compellent PowerShell Command Set (version which is available for customers to download from the Compellent Knowledge Center.  This script was designed specifically for the Command Set and won’t work with the newer Dell Storage PowerShell SDK which was released late last year.

For our implementation, we followed these steps:

  1. Make a connection to the Storage Center with the provided credentials.  We don’t store the password in the script, instead we prompt for it on execution.
  2. We retrieve all of the mappings on the Storage Center with the Get-SCVolumeMap cmdlet.
  3. We then iterate through the mappings and create a custom psobject containing the info we need.  This gives us the flexibility to use standard cmdlets for formatting and display.
  4. We output the psobject array with a format-table command.
  5. Optionally, we can output the psobject array to a CSV for further review and customization.

Here is the finished product:

Sample output: