PowerShell with Compellent and Exchange 2010

I’ve been doing lots of work in the lab lately with Exchange 2010 to understand all the new changes and how it works with the Compellent Storage Center.

With Exchange 2010, the concept of Storage Groups no longer exists.  Databases are the sole object and are a peer to the server now.  Database names must be unique, but can be moved from server to server as necessary.

In the past, I’ve shared some scripts on how to provision storage for an Exchange 2007 environment.  I’ve slightly reworked this script to account for no longer needing storage groups, but to also automatically create the mailbox database on the Exchange Server and mount it when completed.

There are a number of areas in which this script can be improved and that I will continue to work on. 

Exception handling is very important.  Understanding how your code could react in particular scenarios is difficult, but you don’t want your script to bomb out every time you run it either.  I’ve build quite a bit of exception handling into the mapping and mounting portions of the script, but this can always be reworked to be improved.

  • Mark

    I am Confused. What server is this asking for?

    $ServerName = “E2K10MBX01”

    I enter the server where to backup to but it does not like it.

    • This script is used to provision storage to the Exchange Server itself on initial buid.

      Instead of manually creating and mapping a large amount of volumes, this script will take care of that in addition to creating the drive letter/mountpoint for each new volume. After the volume provisioning is complete, Exchange cmdlets are used to create new mailbox databases on these volumes.

      The $ServerName variable refers to the Exchange Server that will have the volumes mapped to it.