Compellent Volume Reporting with PowerShell

Compellent Enterprise Manager works great for managing your Storage Center environment and providing reports on volume usage and utilization.

I was looking for a little different spin on the information.  I was looking for a cumulative volume count across an entire Storage Center, plus a total count of replays on the system, and how many of the volumes that exist are actually mapped up to a server object.

For example, the test system that I ran my script on determined that we had over 900 volumes with over 3,000 replays.  We also realized that we had some cleanup to do when we figured out that only 180 of the volumes were actually mapped up.

I did build into the script to collect the page count of each replay so you could tell how large they were if you wanted to; just the calculation needs to be added.

If you have any ideas on how this script could be more useful in your environment, drop me a comment below.

  • Carlos Tapia


    your script for compellent volumes is very good; but i still cannot figure out how to convert total page count into real space used by replay (in GB).

    Is there any easy way to do it?
    Thanks you very much!

  • Carlos, that is a tough one simply because there are a number of factors that go into calculating the actual data on there. For example, you can have varying page sizes based on how your volume was setup (512 K, 2 MB (default), 4 MB). You can could try to calculate that way, but depending upon the writing, you may or may not have full pages (I use that explanation loosely). Short of it is that there isn’t an easy way to calculate space used based on page count. Watch for the new API to come out which might provide some additional capabilities around that. -JB

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