Month: February 2008

Another Weathernerd Release

I spent most of last night and today creating a new release for my hobby site,  I don’t work on a particular schedule with this stuff, but when I get sick of a design or think of new things I want to do, I’ll take a couple days and […]


I’m still trying to understand the premise behind Twitter.  It’s one of those projects that really caught on.  Twitter’s claim to fame is that they offer a way for people all over cyberspace to see what everybody else is up to.  The question is simple: what are you doing right […]

First Look: HTC Touch Cruise

I had originally ordered this device back at the beginning of November.  What I found most intriguing when I was looking for a new device was that this device was small, light, and had a GPS on-board. I put in my pre-order and expected it to be in my doorstep […]

First Look: HTC S730

I received my HTC S730 from a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve been using it now to replace my T-Mobile Wing.  Here’s a quick rundown on what it does and my experience with it so far.  I’m pretty particular about what I expect from my mobile devices.  The closest […]