November 2007

It’s Been Busy…

The last few weeks have been very busy with work.  Last week I was in Las Vegas for the Exchange Connections Conference where I attended sessions mainly focused on Exchange 2007.  Lots of cool new things with the new version of Exchange, and lots of things to be expected for… Read More »It’s Been Busy…

XM Radio Online

I’ve had an XM subscription for quite some time now.  One thing that they started a little while back was the ability to listen to most of their stations via the Internet.  If you have a monthly XM account for a receiver, then you automatically get access to XM Radio… Read More »XM Radio Online

A Messaging Uplift

I’m taking the Microsoft course for upgrading skills from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 this week.  It’s a three day course with about five days worth of content jammed into it. So far it has been very good.  Lots of major changes in Exchange 2007, particularly around the platform and… Read More »A Messaging Uplift