Insert iTunes Currently Playing Plugin

Just finished up building another plugin for Windows Live Writer.  The “iTunes Currently Playing” plugin allows you to insert customizable text from whatever it is you are listening to at any given time in iTunes.

Insert the currently playing song including track, artist, and album information via iTunes. Customizable output formatting allows you to create your own text output.  This submission is currently pending approval in the Windows Live Gallery.  Once it is approved, you will find the final link on my Windows Live Writer Plugins page as well as at the Windows Live Gallery.

Currently listening to “September Morn” by Neil Diamond

Update: You can now find the “Insert iTunes Currently Playing” plugin in the Windows Live Gallery.

  • Mischa Runsink

    Wonderfull plugin! So simple & clean and brilliantly easy to setup… great work!

    Here’s a thought: Wouldn’t it be nice if you could add the album art to the line as well? Maybe including a link to an online store?


  • Justin

    Mischa, that’s a good idea too. I’ve been working on something to do that as well. Keep checking back for updates on the Windows Live Gallery!